Tech stuff and instructions:

The pick up and drop off checklist:

Please note that you are responsible for completing the pick up and drop off checklist, failure to do so will initiate an extra charge of minimum NOK 750,-. At drop off, send the completed form, with photos of the vehicle interior and exterior to:

Smoke alarm and Carbon monoxide alarm:

For your safety all vehicles have smoke detectors and carbon monoxide detectors installed. These operate on own internal batteries, and must be checked every night before going to sleep!

Filling of DIESEL fuel:
The campervans are either VW Crafters or Mercedes Benz Sprinters. They are identical in size and layot, with only small differences. We have some vehicles with automatic gearboxes, most of them are with manual. They all use DIESEL fuel!

When you refill DIESEL make sure to also check the engine oil level with the dipstick in the engine bay. Correct oil for refilling is 5W-30 fully syntetich.

We designed our vehicles for an active lifestyle, so there is plenty of space for skis, bikes, boards etc. At the same time we wanted a solid interior that didn’t need a change in configuration to switch from bed to sofa every day/night.

The auxillary battery:

For power supply while parked, there is an auxillary 100ah lithium battery from Provolt. It has a main switch placed in the cargo hold under the bed, just turn it on and leave it on all the time.

If you want to have full control of the state of the battery, you may download one of these apps to connect via bluetooth.

The dimmable lights:

If you need 230V there is an inverter unit located under the bed. The inverter takes 12V power from the aux battery and converts it into 230V. The inverter has it’s own power switch, you will find it on top of the unit, under the bed on the left side of the vehicle. WARNING!: DO NOT USE HAIR DRYERS OR SIMILAR APPLIANCES , THE INVERTERS ARE LIMITED TO CHARGING COMPUTERS AND OTHER DEVICES!

The parking heater:

Beware: If the heater is operating 24/7 you will need to turn it up to full power twice a day, or it will clog up with soot!

To ensure comfort all year around we added a powerful 4kw heater from Autoterm. The heater burns fuel from the vehicles main tank, and is driven by the aux battery. The heaters have two types of controllers, the digital PU-27 and the manual version PU-5 (just push the flame symbol and turn the wheel for power setting). Before shutting down the heater will go to full power to clean itself.

The kitchen:

The kitchen has equipment for cooking and dining, and has a 10L water tank. The footpump might need to be primed a little if the system is drained, normally it is enough to reach in and squeeze it a few times.

Click the link below to see the kitchen and the content:

The coolerbox:

The Mobicool coolerbox uses very little power, and has lots of room! Just turn it on by pressing the on button for 2 seconds, and leave it to itself, it does it’s job without effort!

The camping stove:

The standard cooking stove can be used used both inside and outside, put the gas bottle in place, lock it with the security handle, press and turn the knob all the way to the left until you hear a click and the flamte ignites. After use make sure to unlatch the security handle. Butane bottles can be bought at Biltema or Clas Ohlson stores.

The bed and the cargo hold underneath it:

The bed comes with 2 pilows, a large duvet, a mattres protector, and bed linen. Under the bed there’s plenty of space for all your luggage, skis, bikes, whatever! If your inside and it’s raining outside, you can pop the bed open for easy access.

If there is a technical issue
  • If you need to replace a bulb for the headlights, it’s a H7 bulb. Click here to see instructional video.
  • The yellow check engine light comes on:
    • if the car drives like normal you may continue, but give us a call or send a text message about the problem.
  • If you get a red light: PULL OVER AND STOP, CALL US RIGHT AWAY!