Terms and conditons:

By making a payment you also confirm that you accept our terms and conditions for the rental!

The following applies:

Extra fees that might apply depending on location and requests:
  • Hof location:
    • No extra fees for regular pickup and drop off at this location
    • Weekend pickup and drop off on request
  • Oslo City pickup and drop off:
    • Standard service fee for all Oslo – Oslo bookings: NOK 1900,-
    • Oslo airport pickup and drop off: NOK 5000,- (depending on staff availability)
  • Hof – Bjerkvik / Bjerkvik – Hof: one way fee: NOK 5500,-
  • Oslo – Tromø / Tromsø – Oslo: one way fee: NOK 5500,-
  • Tromsø location:
    • Standard service fee for all Tromsø – Tromsø bookings: NOK 2500,-
  • Bjerkvik location:
    • Standard service fee for all Bjerkvik – Bjerkvik bookings: NOK 950,-
    • Harstad/Narvik/Evenes airport pickup/drop off: NOK 1500,-

For all rentals, make sure to complete the pickup and drop off checklist, either digital version or on paper, and then right AFTER DROP OFF mail it to: booking@wecamp.no.

If you clean the vehicle properly, fill up all fluids, etc. so that the vehicle is ready for the next customer (except bed linen), you will get all of your deposit back subtracted only the handling fee and toll roads/ferries! Any required cleaning, missing diesel, unemptied toilet etc. will be charged to the customer before the deposit is returned!

Extra driver(s):

For each extra driver there is a fee of NOK 450,-, please enter the names and license number in the booking form.

  • We are offering the following insurance packages:
    • Basic CDW insurance included in the price, self risk is NOK 19000,- pr. event.
    • Silver insurance at NOK 150,-/day, self risk NOK 10000,- pr. event.
      • Silver Roadside assistance included, NOK 500,- pr. event.
    • Gold insurance at NOK 290,-/day, self risk NOK 2000,- pr. event.
      • Gold Roadside assitance included, at no extra cost.
  • None of the insurance options will cover the following:
    • Driving while intoxicated.
    • Filling of wrong fuel.
    • Any damages caused by offroad driving.
    • Intentional damage og damage due to gross negligence.

A refundable deposit of NOK 7000,- is immediately due for payment when making a booking, this amount will be refunded about 8 weeks after end of rental, minus an admin fee of NOK 350,-, any toll roads and ferries, and required cleaning.

After drop off we need to hold the deposit for 8 weeks, in case there should be any parking tickets or other fines aquired during rental.

You can pay online by credit card, or make a note in the booking that you want to pay via banktransfer.

The rental amount shall be paid in full no later than 30 days before start of rental. You will receive an email with link and instructions for the payment. Please check the spam folder if you don’t see it. This email will also have a link to the pick up and drop off checklist.

All payments via bank must always contain your booking number, otherwise we will not know who made the payment!

Pick up and drop off:

Normal hours for pick up is after 15:00, and drop off before 12:00.

Please send us a message a day or two before your arrival to confirm pick up date and time!

Make sure to fill inn and complete the pick up and drop off checklist before returning the vehicle. The form shall be mailed to booking@wecamp.no, along with photos of the cleanded vehicle, inside and outside, showing all panels to visualize any old or new dents or scratches. Not completing the form will result in an extra fee of NOK 750,-! The customer is also responsible for along with the checklist to provide photos similar to those below, showing the exterior, interior, and odometer reading of the vehicle:


  • The hirer is responsible for filling the correct type of:
    • DIESEL fuel (wrong filling might cause expensive damages to the engine,and the customer is responsible for all cost related to the repair!)
    • CASTROL 5W-30 EDGE syntethic oil
    • Coolant with red colour if required.
  • The car should not be brought outside the national borders of Norway, unless after agreement with Wecamp.
  • Damages to the vehicle that are not covered by the insurance, must be paid by the hirer.
  • Most of our vehicles have airbags, so child seats can not be used (contact us if you need a campervan with child seat capasity).
  • Offroad driving is not permitted.
  • During the rental period the hirer is responsible for checking oil and coolant levels.
  • Littering is strictly prohibited!
Minimum age for the driver:

The driver must be at least 21 years old, and have had a drivers licence for a full year.

If there is an accident or other problems:

In case there should be any problems with the vehicle, no matter what the reason or whos fault it might be, Wecamp will not offer any compensation for lost time, additional cost for travel, housing, reimbursement for any delays, lost work income, etc. We urge all our customers to purchase travel insurance for the entire period of travel.

Toll roads and ferries:

The cars are equipped with “Autopassbrikke”, so most road taxes and ferry tickets are paid automaticly. All toll roads and ferry tickets will be calculated and subtracted from the deposit. Please use this site to estimate the cost for your trip: https://bompengekalkulator.no/

Speeding tickets and parking tickets:

The payable amounts, plus an administration fee of NOK 500,- pr. ticket, will be subtracted from the deposit.

Mainteneance while on the road:

The car will be inspected by Wecamp between rental periods. During the rental period the hirer is responsible for checking and refilling oil, windshield washer fluid, and coolant. If there is a technical problem, always call us before making any repairs or making any agreement with a repair shop. Even if it is a small problem let us now, so we can correct it before the vehicle arrives for turnaround.

Before returning the campervan to us:

  • Always complete the pick up and drop off form before return of the vehicle, otherwise there will be charged a fee of minimum NOK 750,-
  • Make sure to contact Wecamp as soon as possible if there is a problem with the car or the interior that we need to know about.
  • Top up the fuel tank, and check the level on the windshield washer fluid as well.
  • Empty the toilet before cleaning and disinfecting it (we will charge you no less than NOK2000,- if you leave this task to us!)
  • Wash the outside carefully using a high pressure washer at a suitable site.
  • Wash and clean the floor mats up front.
  • Wipe off and clean the interior up front and in the rear, don’t forget the door panels and pockets.
  • Empty the grey water tank, and fill up the fresh water tank.
  • Empty out the fridge, and wipe it clean inside and outside.
  • Make sure the dishes are done properly, dont forget the cutlery!
  • Clean the windshield outside and inside, same with the side and rear windows.
  • Vacumclean the inside of the kitchen, the floors, and the cargo hold under the bed.
  • Take off the bed sheets and linen and leave it on the bench.
  • Make sure all personal belongings are removed from the vehicle.
  • Close the roof hatch, all the windows, all the doors, and lock the car.
  • If the vehicle is not properly cleaned before returned to Wecamp, a fee of minimum NOK 500,- will be charged.

Taking care of the environment:

We fully expect all our customers to behave in a way that has as little negative effect on the environment as possible. Keept it clean and tidy, and encourage all others to do the same. If we are made aware that our customers are littering or causing trouble, the rental can be terminated immediately with no refund. Any expence for cleaning up will be charged to your deposit!