Questions and Answers:

How can we make a booking?

Just make a search on your travel dates, select an available campervan, then fill in your name, phone number and email adress. As soon as we receive a message that the refundable deposit is paid, your booking is valid.

You can pay the deposit right away by credit card, or make a note in the remarks section that you want to pay by banktransfer to IBAN account nr. NO9424802593089 and BIC SPTRNO22 . All payments must be made with NOK as the fixed amount! If you choose to make your payment via bank, make sure to leave a message for us both in the booking notes, and in the payment from your bank account! The message must contain booking number, your account IBAN, and your name and phone number!

The refundable deposit:

Toll roads, ferries, required cleaning, and any other cost related to the rental, will be subtracted from the refundable deposit. To avoid cost of cleaning, the vehicle must be fully ready for the next rental except new bed linen. See cleaning instructions further down on this page, estimated time for a complete cleaning is around two hours.

Does the campervans have heaters, fridges, and outlets for charging devices?

Yes! Please visit our tech page: Guide to onboard equipment

Why is Norway so perfect for travel with a campervan?

Because wildcamping is mostly allowed, you travel at your own pace, and you get really close to the beautiful nature!

What are the extra cost in additon to the rental amount?

The DIESEL fuel, toll roads and ferries, washer fluid, and parking fees. And food & drinks of course! Check out this site to calculate the toll road charges for your trip:

How about insurance and roadside assistance?

Depends on the insurance package you have chosen.

How to contact Wecamp?
  • Phone:
    • 00 47 452 20 085 (Daniel)
    • 00 47 922 95 156 (Bjarte)
  • Mail:
Where are the Wecamp bases?
Which airports are convenient to fly into?
  • Oslo Aiport Gardermoen
  • Sandefjord Airport Torp
  • Lofoten: Harstad/Narvik/Evenes Airport
  • Tromsø: Tromsø Airport
What is the minimum drivers age?

The driver must be 21years old, and only need to have a regular drivers licence.

Is it difficult to drive the campervans?

No, our vehicles are easy and comfortable to drive! They are more compact than larger motorhomes, and therefore they are easier to handle on narrow roads. Still there is plenty of space and comfortable seats for 3 persons.

Important info: sometimes you might need to take wider turns to get enough space. Do not turn the steering wheel to a dead stop and hold it there, it might ruin the servo pump! And be cautious when opening the door in windy conditons, they might be taken by the wind and damaged!

What about all the technical stuff in the campervan?

Check out our tech stuff page.

What should we do before returning the vehicle?
  • Make sure to contact Wecamp as soon as possible if there is a problem with the car or the interior that we need to know about.
  • Top up the fuel tank, missing fuel will be charged from the deposit, plus a fee of NOK 500,-!
  • , and check the level on the windshield washer fluid as well
  • Empty the toilet at a suitable facility, before cleaning and disinfecting it (we will charge you no less than NOK2000,- if you leave this task to us!)
  • Suitable sites for cleaning the vehicle inside and outside:
  • Wash and clean the floor mats up front
  • Wipe off and clean the interior up front and in the rear, don’t forget the door panels and pockets
  • Empty the grey water tank, and fill up the fresh water tank
  • Empty out the fridge, and wipe it clean inside and outside
  • Make sure the dishes are done properly, dont forget the cutlery as well
  • Clean the windshield outside and inside, same with the side and rear windows
  • Vacumclean the inside of the kitchen, the floors, and the cargo hold under the bed
  • Take off the bed sheets and linen and leave it on the bench
  • Make sure all personal belongings are removed from the vehicle
  • Close the roof hatch, all the windows, all the doors, and lock the car
What should we do if there is a technical problem with the campervan?

Call us immediately at 922 95 156 or 915 16 256, and we will arrange for assistance. Do not try to make any repairs yourself, or make any arrangements before you have talked to us!

What about kids as passengers?

Most of our campervans have dual airbags, so minimum age is normally 10yrs. However we also have some vehicles with airbags only on the drivers side, and these are suitable for child seats. Campervan “Valhall” has 4 seats and can take 2 child seats.

What kind of equipement is included with the van?

Content may vary between the vehicles, there is a large high comfort bed with duvet, pillows, and linen, dimmable LED lights, a parking heater, a 100ah auxillary lithium battery, smoke detector, Co detector, roof hatch, a folding table and seats, a large coolerbox, a kitchen bench with a equipment (content may vary) sink, plates, cutlery, wineglasses, coffecups, bowls, frying pan, and more. In the cargo hold you will find campingfurniture, a grill, and a porta potti toilet.

Can I use the campervan for skiing trips in the wintertime?

Yes you can! The powerful parking heater runs on diesel, and the winter vehicles are insulated.

What is the minimum rental period?

4 days.

How can I charge my phone and other devices?

There are USB ports and 12v ports both up front and the rear of the campervan, plus and 230v/1000w inverter (best to use only when driving)

What if we damage the campervan or have and accident?

Call us immediately, and we will arrange roadside assistance to solve the problem.

How can we rent a campervan?

Use the booking form, or send us an email, we will assist you!

How much will we have to pay if we need to cancel our reservation?

If you cancel more than 30 days before the start of your trip, you will get a full refund, minus an administration fee of NOK 500,-. For cancellations within 30 days you must talk to your travel insurance provider. One way fees that applies to one way rentals, will not be refunded at all.

Is it possible to do one way rentals to Tromsø, Ålesund, Bergen, and other places in Norway?

Anything is possible, just send us a message and we will look into it and make you an offer.

Travelling with CPAP, is it possible to arrange?

Yes, you can request a campervan with 230v inverter installed, the 100ah lithium battery makes it possible to use CPAP while camping off the grid. We have had many customers travelling with this setup without any problems.

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