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When making a booking:

One way rentals: click here to view the availability list, or send us a message first, we need to manually fit these bookings into the system!

You get a comfortable and cozy stand up size campervan, and you only need a regular drivers license!

Many of our campervans have an automatic transmission!

Choose between Basic, Silver, and Gold insurance!

Book your flights to Oslo Airport, Sandefjord Airport Torp, or to Harstad/Evenes Airport for trips to Lofoten!

You don’t need a credit card, since we also accept wire transfer payments!

Norway is one of the few countries where free camping is both safe and legal!

Oslo Airport pickup and drop off is available for a fee of NOK 5000,-!

Harstad/Narvik Airport pick up and drop off is available for a fee of NOK 1500,-!

Oslo – Tromsø / Tromsø – Oslo one way fee: NOK 15000,-

Hof – Bjerkvik one way fee: only NOK 5500,-

  • Free camping is safe and legal in Norway!
  • Free kilometers included!
  • Insurance included!
  • Camping furniture included!
  • Toilet included!

Campervan “Svolværgeita”
Campervan “Trollstigen”

Norway is perfect for a road trip in a campervan!

Maybe you want to go hiking in Jotunheimen or the alps of Sunnmøre? Or surfing at Hoddevika? Ride a bicycle under the northern lights in Tromsø, or go skiing the slopes in Narvik or Hemsedal? Or maybe you just want to step off Hurtigruten for a few days, to go exploring the mainland? How about trying fishing in Lofoten or on the westcoast of Norway? All of our motorhomes have plenty of storage space in the cargo hold for all your sportsgear and luggage, so go ahead right now and make a booking for your next action filled roadtrip in fantastic Norway!

Looking for travel advice about Norway? Check out your Norwegian travel guide #explorewithjohan!

Campervan in Lofoten

Five reasons why you should go with on your next motorhome rental in Norway!

Because our all season campervans are designed with the cosiest wooden interior!

Our campervans have the most comfortable beds, with high quality mattresses and bed linen!

Our campervans are much easier to handle on the road than larger motorhomes, especially when you want to park at beautiful spots for the night!

A unique design, there is no need to rearrange from bed to sitting arrangement every day!

Our campervans are equipped for freecamping in all seasons, all of them with a powerful 4kw parking heater installed, for wildcamping off the grid!

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