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Sometimes we have available one way rentals, or even free trips! Make sure to also sign up for our newsletter to stay tuned!

Campervan Trolltunga is available for one way rental from Lofoten!

Trolltunga is available for a trip from Bardufoss/Bjerkvik/Harstad/Lofoten to Oslo, from 9th of August. NO extra fee for this trip!

Sold! Due to a change in booking, Snøhetta Mercedes Sprinter 3.0 with automatic gearbox is now available from 4th to 15th of August!

We will offer a discount for this rental, as an auction with no specific closing time. Send us an email with your bid, maybe you will be on the road soon?

Sold! Short time rental available, pick up in Holmestrand today on Thursday 22nd of July, drop off Oslo on Saturday 24th.

Send us a message if you want to get a little taste of vanlife! A couple of days is plenty for visiting f.ex. Færder National park.

We will offer a discount for this rental, as an auction with no specific closing time, or maybe just for free? Just ask us! 🙂 Send us an offer on email, and you’re on the road before you know it!

Sold: Stortinden is available in Oslo from 26th. of July to 5th of August!

A customer from Copenhagen could not make it to Norway due to travel restrictions, so of course they get all their money back, and this leaves a opening in the calendar for Stortinden! (automatic gearbox)

We will offer a discount for this rental, as an auction with no specific closing date, just send us your offer on email. If someone makes a booking at normal rate, this offer is cancelled.

Sold! One way rental from Oslo to Bardufoss available from 24th of July – 1th of August, Campervan Segla needs to go north!

Here is a one way rental with no return fee! And on top of that we also cut the rental price. By how much? Half price? NOK 2000,-? NOK 5000,-? For free? We let you decide! Make us an offer by email how much you would like to pay for this rental! And don’t wait too long, the midnight sun is waiting for you!

Standard deposit: NOK 5000,- (will be returned after rental of course)

The vehicle must be delivered at Finnsnes/Bardufoss fully cleaned and with a full tank of diesel no later than 1th of August, as the next customer will pick up the campervan on the 2nd of August.

Fuel and toll roads are not included.

Cancelled, the van is in the workshop getting the wooden interior! Lofoten one way rental with no relocation fee!

Keipen is an empty van without the wooden interior. It is available for 10 day minimum rental periods between Tønsberg/Oslo – Lofoten/Finnsnes. Always check with us before making a booking, to make sure the van will be at the right place for your start of rental.

The rate is NOK 1450,- pr. night, including free mileage, insurance, and common toll road charges. Ferry tickets in addition.

No relocation fee for this rental!

Sold out! Low cost trip to Stavanger, Jæren and Preikestolen!

Pick up Keipen in Tønsberg and go west! On the way back you will have to pick up some car parts for us. Rental price NOK 650,- pr. day, maximum 5 days for this trip. Keipen comes with a tent and camping furniture, no wooden interior in this one!

Sold out! Road trip Tromsø – Finnsnes, from 17th – 21th of July – 2021

Pick up on17th of July in downtown Tromsø, drop off Finnsnes fully cleaned and with a full tank of diesel on 21th of July. Discount price: NOK 500,- / day!

Cancelled: One way rental Lofoten – Oslo and Oslo – Lofoten at no extra cost!

Falketind has an open window up until 26th of July, so we might be able to offer two one way rentals at no extra cost, starting any day from Lofoten, and return from Oslo to be in Lofoten no later than 25th of July. One trip depends on the other, so we need two different customers that want to go opposite ways to make this happen. Send us a note if interested, and specify which direction is your choice! The deals are not set before both customers has paid in full for their rental. Also if we get a Lofoten booking before agreement is reached on both one way rentals, this deal is off the table.

SOLD OUT!: Roadtrip Oslo – Tananger – Oslo, 1th – 8th of July 2021

We need to have some car parts (a seat that fits under the bed) transported from Tananger to Holmestrand, and Jølstra is available for this trip. Enroute you have plenty of time to enjoy Preikestolen, Jæren, and a lot more! Rental price only NOK 3000,- for as many days you would like up until 8th of July!

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