Road tips

When planning for a trip to Norway, it’s always good to have a plan A, B and C. The weather can change fast, so in a campervan you have full flexibility to go where you want to! Here’s a few leads on how to make your trip a success and create memories for life!

Mission Impossible Tour:

A few spectacular sites in Norway has been locations for the latest MI movies featuring Tom Cruise. Starting from southern Norway you can visit all of these in about a weeks time. This list features the “Preikestolen”, the “Geirangerfjord”, and “Romsdalen” with “Trollstigen” and “Trollveggen”.

Northern Norway:

Many of you dream about seeing aurora borealis, the northern lights! This phenomenon can be observed during the wintermonths in the northern parts of Norway. In the summertime, there are other tourist attractions, like Lofoten, Senja, Nordkapp and many others. If you start from Oslo, you need at least two days of driving to get up there.

Memories for life in Bergen:

Fly this amazing Boeing Stearman in Bergen! Take the front seat, and roam the skies like you always wanted to! Click on the picture to get to Skyfalks website.

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