Rent a campervan from Wecamp!

We asked our customers what they liked about our campervans, here’s some of the answers we got:

-“It’s simply perfect, we just love the wooden interior, it even smells good! We think the campervan is perfect size, and it’s really easy and comfortable to drive. Best vacation we ever had!”

-“We immediately fell in love with the campervan, it brought us safely and comfortably all the way to Lofoten, Senja, and back again, without any trouble at all”

-“The camper van looked even better in real life than on the website, we are really impressed and love the concept! We are definately regular customers already!”

-“It’s the perfect way to see Norway, if the weather is poor you just drive on to somewhere else, there’s so many fantastic places to see”

-“We love the cabin and the parking heater, we park where we want to, and there is no need for external electric connection”

-“The design is perfect, there’s plenty of storage space, and you don’t have to arrange from sofa to bed all the time”

-“The cabin is so cosy, the dimmable LED lights creates a really special athmosphere, and the bed has really has a high quality mattress”

-“It has everything you need, and you get so close to nature, it’s fantastic!”

red and white house near body of water and mountain
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The camper van facts:

-the campervans have 3 or 2 seats up front, and the bed fits 2 or 3 people.

-you sit taller than in a regular car, so everyone gets a fantastic view while on the road.

-we have some cars with automatic transmission, most of them have manual transmission.

-the kitchen is fully equipped, and there is a roomy fridge. The cooker uses butane bottles.

-you can also cook outside if you so wish to, flexible and convenient.

-most of the camper vans have aircondition, some have cruise control, rain sensor, please read the descriptions carefully before making a booking!

-the bed comes with duvets and linen, bring a towel

-the beds also have upper mattresses that are replaced and cleaned along with the linen for each rental

-the bed can be raised if you need access to the cargo hold without going outside. The table can be lowered when not in use.

-There is a roof hatch for ventilation, and a powerful 4kw parking heater. A 100ah auxillary battery provides power for the fridge, the heater, LED lights and USB charging sockets.

-the cabin has a smoke detector and a Co2 alarm

-Included is camping chairs and a table, a grill, and a portable toilet.

Never leave any garbage behind in our nature! Karma will bite you, and expences for cleaning up will be subtraced from your deposit!