Campervan rental in the 2024 season:

We have just started preparing for the campervan rental 2024 season! This means that we are evaluating the whole operation, to find out how we can even better serve our customers! If you are planning your next vacation now, then it’s time to start booking your adventorous roadtrip in Norway!

Campervan rental prices for 2024:

For the next season there will be early bird discounts, which means that the earlier you make your booking, the lower the price will be! Remember that you only need to pay the refundable deposit when making the booking! Then we will later send you a payment link for the rental amount a before you travel. For bookings of two weeks or more we will offer additonal discounts. This also goes for long term bookings outside the high season. The change is in effect from right now, so go ahead and start planning for your next adventure! Some of the vehicles will be dedicated to full week bookings, with start and end date in the middle of the week. This should make it even easier to find more budget friendly flights to and from Norway.

Due to limitations in the booking systems, all of this will not be implemented just yet, but just send us a message and we will arrange what you need!

Campervan rental availability in 2024:

There will be some changes in availability, meaning that for our locations in Hof, Oslo, and Tromsø, it will mainly be closed on Saturday and Sunday. If there still should be a need for weekend pick up or drop off, we will have staff on call, but at an extra fee will apply to cover our extra labor cost.

The campervan seasons in Norway:

Each of the seasons in Norway have something speial about them! We have customers all year around, enjoying the midnight sun, the northern lights, sledge riding with reindeer, whale watching, fishing, hiking, etc.! So if you travel outside the high season, it is less crowded and there are still lots of activities and events!

campervan and motorhome rental in norway 2024
Campervan “Snøhetta”, 3 seats, automatic transmission